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The Aus-dacity Of Some People

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I am an Australian of English and European background. I often get questioned about my nationality. My standard answer is that I’m from Australia because that’s where I was born. Most accept that, but one woman won’t take that for an answer.

Woman: “Well, I can tell by your accent that you grew up in Australia, but where were you born?”

Me: “Australia.”

Woman: “No, really. What country?”

Me: “I was born in [Nearby Town] hospital.”

Woman: “Okay, I believe you, but your parents aren’t Australian. Where were they born?”

Me: “Australia.”

Woman: “Both of them?”

Me: “Yes.”

Woman: “So, what about your grandparents?”

Me: “All from Australia.”

Woman: “Great-grandparents?

Me: “Australia.”

Woman: “So, what about your great-great-grandparents?”

Me: “Most were Australian; one was German.”

Woman:German! See, I told you that you weren’t Australian.”

I had to walk away shaking my head. As a European Australian, of course, if I go back far enough on both my parents’ sides it will show English, Irish, and European ancestry.

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