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The Audacity Of This Hospitality!

, , , , | Working | July 27, 2021

My wife and I have booked a much-needed weekend getaway at Niagara Falls. We have specifically reserved a room with a king-sized bed, despite the extra cost, and we booked over two months in advance. Now, a mere two days before our reservation, I get a call from the hotel.

Employee: “Hello, [My Name], this is [Hotel Chain] calling. I’m calling about a change to your reservation.”

Me: “Okay, what kind of change?”

Employee: “It seems we’re overbooked for rooms with a king bed, so I’m calling to let you know we’ve changed you to a room with two double beds, instead.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Employee: “We won’t have any king beds available for the nights that you’re staying, so we’ve changed you to a room with two double beds.”

Me: “You’re overbooked?”

Employee: “Yes, sir. That’s correct.”

I consider doing a Jerry Seinfeld impression about “holding” a reservation but decide to be direct, instead.

Me: “You mean, like, you have ten rooms with a king bed, but have eleven people booked to stay in them?”

Employee: “Yes, sir. That’s essentially correct. But we will refund you the difference in price.”

Me: “No. You’re going to call one of the other ten people with reservations and hope they have less backbone than I do.”

There’s a long, long pause.

Employee: “Okay, sir.”

Me: “Thank you.” *Click*

We had our king bed when we arrived. Was I a jerk?

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