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The Art Of Being A Complete A**hole

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: thisanonissocool | July 12, 2021

I just launched my art page on Facebook, and this was my first random message.

Stranger: “Hello.”

Me: “Hello! Are you interested in a commission?”

Stranger: “Do you do meditation sessions or know anyone that does? I have really bad anxiety.”

I don’t immediately respond.

Stranger: “F*** you, then. I hope you get [health crisis illness] and die a slow miserable death.”

Me: “Wow. I was trying to get a link for my friend’s meditation page. Thanks again for messaging. Have a wonderful day.”

Stranger: “F*** you. You’re full of s***. You lying f***er. Otherwise, you would’ve sent it by now. You’re a f****** lying scumbag. I really hope you do get it. I hope your life gets destroyed by it like thousands of other people. *Spits on you.* F*** you, and block me. I don’t wanna see garbage on my newsfeed.”

Me: “I’m sorry for not being able to help within ten minutes. I’m not a crisis line; please don’t treat me as such. I am an artist that does art commissions.”

Stranger: “Yeah, I know, you f****** idiot.”

Me: “Am I really an idiot, though? You messaged an ART page looking for guided meditation.”

Stranger: “Yeah, doesn’t hurt to ask. Someone could know anyone, or not, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be a f****** rude f****** p***y chicken s*** p***y a**hole and ignore my question.”

And then they blocked me.

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