The Arraign In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plaintiff

| American Fork, UT, USA | Friendly | March 18, 2015

(My roommate and I travel regularly and we are planning to be in Spain for my birthday this November. She wants to be conversational in Spanish and since I’m bilingual, I’m helping her. Meanwhile, I’m studying to certify as a court interpreter.)

Roommate: “Hey, after dinner, do you want help with your legal terms flash cards?”

Me: “That would be great! Thanks!”

Roommate: “That could teach me some more Spanish!”

(Later, we’re both writing out several hundred Spanish legal terms and she’s reading out the ones she is interested by. I do the same.)

Roommate: “Statutory rape…”

Me: “Litigation…”

Roommate: “Subpoena…”

Me: “If those are the words you need to know, you’re not coming with me to Spain!”

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