The Argument Goes On And On And Alderaan

| Learning | March 31, 2017

(We are in math class, but it’s the day before a long break and no one’s actually doing anything. One girl has been writing Star Wars fan fiction for the entire period, and wondered out loud how a character’s name would be pronounced. It led the entire class into a war about how Breha Organa would be said.)

Student #1: “It looks obvious to me. Bree-uh. ”

Student #2: “No, idiot. It has an ‘H.'”

Student #1: “It would sound stupid with the H.'”

Student #3: “This is the same series that has a Padmé Amidala, stupid! No one cares about how stupid it sounds!”

Student #2: “Besides, there’s already a Bria Tharen.”

Student #1: “So what? There’s a Luke and a Luuke and a Luuuke, dip-s***!”

Student #4: “Nah, the real question is how the h*** you say her last name. What the h*** type of name is that?”

Student #2: “Or-gah-na!”

Student #1: “Or-gan-uh!”

Student #3: “Actually, Organa is the plural form of the word organon, and it’s pronounced organ-uh.”

Teacher: *who has been silently watching his students swear at each other* “It’s pronounced Bray-huh Or-gah-na. Now sit the h*** down before I scream.”

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