The Anna Marie To My Rémy LeBeau

| Romantic | June 18, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are a long way from having children, but we wind up playing the “What If?” game a lot. We start talking about names for our future child.)

Boyfriend: “Well, in my family we have a tradition that all the boys have the initials of GRH.”

Me: “Ugh. I have yet to find a good ‘G name, and we are not naming the kid after you or your father. Definitely not your brother, and all the other names either sound pretentious or cartoony.”

Boyfriend: “Hey! But I want to keep to tradition.”

Me: “So do I. My family uses exotic names and names of our elders.”

Boyfriend: *thinks before jokingly proclaims* “I got it! Gambit!”

Me: “That’s perfect!”

Boyfriend: “I was just joking.”

Me: “You’re too late for that. I have to carry the kid for 9 months and it fits all of our requirements.”

Boyfriend: “You know that my brother’s son’s middle name is Logan right?”

(I laugh.)

Boyfriend: *grins* “You can teach him how to staff fight, but who are we going to find to teach him how to throw cards?”

Me: “There’s another problem.”

Boyfriend: “What?”

Me: *serious* “You and I both carry the twin gene.”

(He is stunned.)

Me: “I will not give birth to the wonder twins!”

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