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The Ambulance Will Just Have To Wait

| Related | July 20, 2015

(My son has just turned three and he is getting to the phase where he likes diggers and buses and firetrucks. He sees an off-duty ambulance parked near an intersection we are stopped at.)

Son: “Mama! Mama!”

Me: “What is it?”

Son: “Firetruck!”

Me: *it takes a minute to process what he is pointing at* “Oh, you are close. That one is an ambulance. Can you say ambulance?”

Son: *trying the word out* “Am-boo… Am-booo…”!

Me: “That’s right. Ambulance.”

Son: “Amboo… Amba…” *gives up and says with determination* “No… firetruck!” *nods like he’s proud of himself*

(My partner and I almost missed the light, we were laughing so hard.)

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