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The Amazing Sleeping Man

| Friendly | December 16, 2015

(A friend and I have a late movie night watching “The Amazing Spider-Man.” It is at the climax of the story, where Spider-Man is fighting the Lizard. My friend is curled up on my bed, and I am sitting next to her.)

Friend: *mumbles something unintelligible*

Me: “What was that?”

Friend: “That’s not a real lizard.”

Me: “Okay…”

(Two minutes later, just as the fight ends…)

Friend: *sits up and stretches* “Well, that was a nice nap.”

Me: “Wait, you were asleep for that?!”

Friend: “Yeah…”

Me: “But you were talking.”

Friend: “What? No, I wasn’t.”

Me: “Yes, you were.”

Friend: “What did I say?”

Me: “You said, “That’s not a real lizard,” while Spider-Man was fighting him.”

Friend: “I did?”

Me: “Yeah, you did.”

Friend: “Oh. Well… he’s not.”

(Whenever we disagree on something now, we use the comeback, “He’s not a real lizard.”)