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The AK-40-Sawzall

, , , , , , | Legal | September 30, 2022

The day after a heavy wind storm at our house, a small pine tree in the front yard has come down and is leaning against the house. Since I have to work, my adult son thinks he will help and cut up and remove the tree for us.

He is up on the roof with my Sawzall and a bright orange extension cord. Partway into the project, the local SWAT team arrives.

SWAT Officer: “Lay down the weapon and put up your hands!”

He was being held at gunpoint by several officers in full riot gear. He gently put down the saw and, as they instructed, carefully climbed down the ladder.

After he explained to the officer in charge that it was a saw, not a rifle, the guns were finally lowered, although one rookie kept his hand on his sidearm until told by the lead officer to go back to the van and wait there.

It seems a neighbor had seen him up on the roof with something in his hand and called 911. We laugh about it now, but at the time, staring down the barrels of several anxious police officers’ guns, my son almost had to change his shorts.

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