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The Adventures Of Chucky And Annabelle

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(My parents buy two baby dolls and my grandmother sews and crochets clothing for one of them. We are told it is to go somewhere as a raffle prize, but on my birthday I am presented with the baby doll as a gift. I love that doll, but eventually, she is given away to my cousins when I grow out of playing with her. Years later, after I have children of my own, Mum discovers she still has the second doll.)

Me: “Can I have it?”

Mum: “Why do you want it?’

Me: “It reminds me of my childhood.”

Mum: “Yeah, sure. Take it. Your brother wanted to put it on eBay.”

(I take it home and put it on my bed. I go back into the room later and take one look at the doll before taking it back to my parents.)

Me: “I was wrong. I don’t want the doll; sell it”

Mum: “What was wrong with it?”

Me: “I put it on my bed, and my first thought when I went back into the room was that it looked like a dead baby. It made my skin crawl and I remembered I don’t like dolls anymore.”

Mum: “What do you mean, you don’t like dolls? You had that favourite one that you took back after finding I gave it to [Niece].”

(I had found her in my niece’s toybox a couple of years before and had taken her home.)

Me: “I know I did, but she’s now somewhere in your shed.”

Mum: “How did she get in my shed?”

Me: “I put her there.”

Mum: “Why and when?”

Me: “It was right after I dreamed she was trying to murder me.”

Mum: “Ooh, now there’s no way I’m giving her back to [Niece].”

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