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The 25 Best Feel-Good Not Always Right Stories Of 2020!

, | Right | January 5, 2021

Dear readers,

2020 is now a bad memory, but it contained many pockets of good! We’ve rounded up the twenty-five most feel-good, most inspirational, and most warm-and-fuzzy stories from 2020 to prove that it wasn’t all bad!


Chocolate Makes The Meeting Go Round – Almost makes a meeting on Saturday worth it!

All Cats Are Equally Evil (And Adorable) – Humans don’t choose their cats, it’s the other way around.

A Waitress Who Knows How To Keep Her Cool –  This waitress can form these puddles back into humans!

A Smelly Symphony Saved! – Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the arts.

This Story Tips Both Good And Bad – Demon kids versus wait-staff!

It Pays To Look Out For Each Other – What a difference it makes when someone actually cares.

Many Hands Make Light Work – Don’t cry while reading this story – you’ll add to the snow!

When Phoning In The Customer Service Is A Good Thing – THIS is how you stay in business!

A Huge Jolt Of Positive Energy – College and University: creating coffee addicts since time immemorial.

This Kindness Is Fully Baked – And the winner of The Great Not Always Right Bake Off is…

Another Exhibit In The Case Of “Why Nurses Should Rule The World” – How many of us needed nurses, doctors, porters, healthcare assistants, and so many others who keep the hospitals running this year?

She Shuri Knows What She’s Talking About –  This is why representation is so important.

Retail Workers Need Something Sweet – The extra candy means everything.

We All Like Spike – Kindness takes up very little storage space!

It Was A Humbling Time For All Of Us – Disasters have a way of reminding us all of our priorities.

Puppy Love In The Time Of Corona – A rare case of a mother who DOESN’T think her child is entitled to pet other people’s dogs.

Be Glad They’re Not Going To War – When the Senate can come to an agreement.

Christmas Tarts Never Tasted So Sweet – Why the term “A Christmas Miracle” is a thing.

You Never Know What You Might Find On These Hiking Trails – An incredible coincidence that will leave you smiling.

That’ll Do Snake… That’ll Do – Read this story just to see the “danger noodle WITH a jaunty hat” in the comments!

Fluffy’s More High-Maintenance Than Most Pets Of His Kind – Fluffy is as real as the feels – which is as real as you want or need them to be.

Independence Is Nice, But Being With Friends Is Better – Living in a melting pot is pretty cool.

A Talkative Toddler Saves The Day! – Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes!

Has Been Masking His Chess Skills – Beth Harmon has nothing on this little guy…

There Is A Pot Of Feel-Good Gold At The End Of This Rainbow – To borrow from the comments, watch out for the onions on this pizza!

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