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That’s Worth Way More Than A Dollar!

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I’m a junior in a senior-level math class. Our teacher is this hilarious man in his early seventies who loves his job but hates the “bureaucracy” for getting involved in everything. Students love him because he speaks up for them. One of the things he does is give every student who turns eighteen during the school year a dollar to buy their first lottery ticket. We are a couple of weeks away from finals. He’s talking about how he enjoyed teaching us this year.

Teacher: “…and I gave out a lot of money to you kids to buy lottery tickets. I feel like I’m missing someone, though. Whose eighteenth birthday hasn’t happened yet?”

I raise my hand.

Teacher: “[My Name]! So, you’re a summer kid, huh?”

Me: “Yep!”

Teacher: “When do you turn eighteen?”

Me: “[Month and Day]—”

Teacher: “Oh, right around the corner!”

Me: “—of next year.”

He cackles with laughter.

Teacher: “I forgot I had a junior this year!”

Me: “Do I still get $1?”

Teacher: “Nope. Nice try, though.”

Fast forward to the day of the final exam. When each person is done, he grades the exam in front of them and calculates their final average. I have finished. I walk up to his desk and he reads through my exam, making corrections occasionally. An 80 to 89 is a B and a 90 or higher is an A, and he never rounds up.

Teacher: “Okay, [My Name], you got an 85 on the exam, which takes your semester average to…”

He scribbles in the grade book.

Teacher: “…89.5.”

This particular class was HARD, so I’m perfectly fine with a B!

Me: “Sounds good to me!”

He stares at the grade book for a minute, then erases the grade and enters something else.

Teacher: “90.”

I stare at him in surprise.

Me: “What?!”

Teacher: “You were the only junior in a very difficult senior-level class, and you worked hard all year. You deserve it.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

Teacher: “You’re still not getting your dollar. But you do get the A.”

He shook my hand and I exited, still in shock. He retired soon after.

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