That’s Why They Call It ‘High’ School, Part 2

| MD, USA | Learning | July 7, 2017

(This is an all-boys’ high school, and graffiti is written all over the paper towel dispenser, much of it drug-related. Among it is this scrawl:)

Graffiti: “I was doing ‘death-defying bong hits’ while you guys were still in diapers!”

(It was signed by one of the teachers.)


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  • Mechwarrior

    What’s a “death-defying” bong hit, anyway? Smoking a bong while jumping a motorcycle over a tank filled with electric eels?

    • Max

      I was wondering that myself. Maybe they added cyanide to the bong for an extra kick? Or nutmeg. Apparently sufficient quantities of nutmeg will get you high but also make you want to never, ever see or hear of nutmeg ever again.

    • Raven Odette

      Came to say the same thing

      Other than that I’m thinking some sort of bizarre 80s slang that no one anywhere else ever used kind of like “wanna go scarf some grimmace proportions” from National Lampoons European Vacation

  • Jackie Fauxe

    I’m assuming someone was making a joke or trying to get that teacher in trouble, because it doesn’t sound like the smartest move on the teacher’s part if not.

    • d’Monique

      Maybe he wasn’t a teacher when he wrote it. He might have been a student there at one point. 😉

      • TheWonderRabbit

        But then he would have been in diapers at the same time as his contemporary students, and hence wouldn’t make sense.

  • Blake Barrett

    “signed” by one of the teachers

  • Deadpool

    Now that’s my kind of school. Sadly, it was certainly a student who “signed” that name.

  • Souless night

    Most of it*

  • Wendy Veto

    That is freaking hilarious.

  • Colin Danson

    Really a teacher would risk their job using vandalism, referencing drugs and then signing the statement? I call bullshit.

  • ladyrage8

    I used to say I wanted to jump off a cliff whenever my friends annoyed me, but we live in Florida, so no cliffs. One day my best friend looked me dead in the eye and said “We live in Florida, the highest building is our school.”
    About then, the principal came over the intercom about a drug bust. We all started laughing our butts off.