That’s The Freeway To Do It

, | Working | May 3, 2016

(I run a traveling non-profit graphic novel library that travels all over the country helping kids learn how to read using comics. We transport everything in a 12ft trailer and drive it ourselves. One day on the way to a convention our trailer blows a tire. Thankfully, despite being a younger female, I know how to change tires. I’m by myself on the side of the interstate diligently changing the tire when I realize that I have no idea where the tire iron is in my new SUV. I climbed back into the cab to grab the owner’s manual when suddenly someone knocked on my window.)

Maintenance Fellow: “Everything okay here, ma’am? Need some help?”

Me: “Yeah, I just… can’t remember where my tire iron is.”

Maintenance Fellow: *laughs* “I have one.”

(In five minutes he had the blown tire off and the new one on. He even walked along the highway side of my trailer to put the tire away so I wouldn’t get rushed by the traffic. When I thanked him profusely he just laughed.)

Maintenance Fellow: “Well, I was traveling the other direction on the highway when I saw you all by yourself changing the tire. You were so intent that you didn’t even see me pull up behind you. I watched for a minute and you obviously knew what you were doing, but then I saw you get back in the car and just knew something wasn’t right. Glad I could help, even if you didn’t really need me!”

(I tried to pay him but he hugged me, took a business card for my nonprofit, and got back in his car. Thank you, Maintenance Fellow, for not only being courteously chivalrous, but for turning around on a highway to help a stranded motorist!)

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