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That’s Some Real Broken Spanish

, , , , | Working | October 19, 2015

(This area has a big Hispanic population. I speak a tiny bit of Spanish but I’m terrible at it and forget words all the time. The following takes place in Spanish.)

Customer: *in Spanish* “Are you showing Planet of the Apes at 1:30 pm? It said it was, online.”

Me: *crappy Spanish* “Yes, we have that movie. It is first movie at 1:30 pm and second movie at 3:30 pm.”

Customer: “Oh! Okay. It isn’t on your sign.”

Me: *crappy Spanish* “I am sorry. It is a problem this week. The computers are… are…” *realizing I can’t remember the word for “broken” in Spanish* “…s***. The computers are s***.”

Customer: “S***?”

Me: “…Yes.”


Me: “I do not remember the Spanish word for…” *in English* “Broken.”

Customer: “It’s ‘roto’, but ‘s***’ is a good word, too.”

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