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That’s REALLY Not How You Get What You Want

, , , , | Right | October 10, 2021

I work for a tool shop. This guy comes in, clearly on something, and asks to return an item.

Me: “Sir, our store discontinued that item three years ago.”

Customer: “I bought it five days ago! I need the money back to feed my daughter. She’s starving!”

I tell him the policy on returns.

Me: “That item is no longer in the system. I can’t do your return.”

Customer: *Irate* “I want a manager!”

My manager tells him the same thing. He’s still angry but he leaves.

A few minutes later, we get a call and I answer. It’s someone that wants to talk to the manager.

Me: “What is this regarding? Maybe I can help. My manager is ringing out a customer right now.”

Customer: “I just tried returning an item and I was refused because it was out of policy because of it being discontinued.”

I go blue screen of death for a minute and realize it is the guy from a few minutes ago.

Me: “Please hold.” *To my manager* “The guy who wanted to make that return is on the phone.”

Manager: “Wait, what?”

She picks up the phone, tells him the same policy, and hangs up. He comes back inside.

Customer: “I’m going to get my truck and drive it through your window unless you do my return! Don’t you care about a starving child?!”

Thankfully, security was in the building and escorted the guy from the building. We never heard from him again. Security made sure we had protection for the rest of the shift until closing. We tried calling the police, but they never came. It was pretty scary.

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