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That’s One Way To Deal With Last-Minute Shoppers: Kidnapping

, , , | Working | February 1, 2021

I want to get an item that’s on a special discount and I’m on my way to the store, which is in another town. However, I’m out of luck and my tram gets stranded in the snow. When I finally get to my destination, it’s half an hour before closing. I decide to take a gamble and hurry to the store.

I arrive ten minutes before closing and my luck has returned: they not only still have the item, but it’s right in front of me! I grab one and head to the cash register. 

The lady is patient and kind… and the cash register freezes. We make small talk while it restarts — the other registers have already closed down — and right at closing time, I can pay for my item. 

I want to leave quickly so the people can close the store, but when I reach the door, a tall man locks the door.

Employee: “Well, it’s finally six pm! We survived today; man, what crazy and annoying people we had today. Let’s clean up and hurry home ourselves!”

The man walks right by me and doesn’t seem to notice me at all. So, I turn around.

Me: “Eh, excuse me, sir? Could I go home, as well?”

The man turned around and saw me and I could see his eyes grow. Turning a nice shade of red, he rushed to the door to open it for me. He was completely silent, and when the door closed behind me, I could hear the other employees laugh. 

No, he did not apologize. His face of embarrassment was enough compensation for me.

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