That’s One Strong (Language) Discount

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(One of our waiters takes an order from a family. The mother has shown her membership card so they are entitled to a discount. We are extremely busy so in a hurry the waiter forgets to add the discount on the bill. The lady asks me to bring her bill and is complaining about everything, being rather rude and snappy. When she sees the bills she gets furious for not having the discount on it. I apologize and go back to the till to correct the bill. I take the bill back and as I put it on the table, I repeat the total, and point out the discount on the bill.)

Me: “And here is your membership discount.”

Lady: “F****** discount!”

Me: “No, ma’am. It is not a f****** discount; it is a membership discount.”

(Her husband cracked up. She lost her rags and swore to me never to come back.)

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