That’s One Long Walk

, , , , | Right | March 28, 2019

(At my store, we don’t do holds. I ring up a woman and her total comes to $150.)

Customer: “My husband has my wallet, but he’s walking towards the store. Can I leave my stuff here while I go get it?”

Me: “Yes. We don’t normally do this, but because your husband is walking towards the store, we will.”

(I go on break four hours later, and they haven’t come back yet. My manager insists I put all her stuff back, so I do. Come ten pm, when the store is closing, the couple comes back angry that I put stuff away.)

Customer: “You didn’t say you had a time limit!”

Me: “Well, it’s been six hours, and you told me your husband was walking!”

(She walked around and gathered everything together but didn’t let me ring her up just to be petty.)

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