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That’s Not Your Call To Make

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(I’m fairly new to my post as a receptionist, but the student in this story sees me every day. He’s leaving at the same time as I am, and is chatting away as we leave. He’s 12.)

Student: “Which way do you go, Miss?”

Me: “I’m going this way to go to [Station].”

Student: “Let me show you a faster way.”

(My train is 20 minutes away, but I’m always up for learning a little more of the area.)

Me: “All right, then.”

(We start off, chatting away, when…)

Student: “I need to call Nan and say I’m on my way.”

Me: “Okay.”

Student: “Do you need to phone your Mum or Dad?”

(I can’t help it; I burst out laughing.)

Student: “Oh, no! I’m usually walking home with another student!”

Me: “I moved out years ago, [Student]. Plus, I’m nearly thirty.”

(The shortcut might not be so — I actually arrived two minutes later than usual — but it was a nice chat.)

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