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That’s Not, Like, Permitted

| Learning | January 27, 2017

(I work at my university’s parking office. One day, two students come in to see about getting a permit that would allow them to park wherever they want, whenever they want, because their parents are “afraid of them walking around at night.” This is not something we usually do.)

Student: “Last year my friend got a permit to let her park at night because her parents were worried about her walking at night.”

Me: “Okay, let me see if I can find any notes on her file. What is your friend’s name?”

Student: *silence*

Me: “Her name?”

Student: “Well… she’s our friend’s friend. She just walked outside.”

Me: “I just need her name.”

(The students proceed to stand in front of my desk for ten minutes trying to find the girl they’re thinking of on Facebook. After what seemed like forever they finally find her, but there are no notes on her file, no history of her even having a permit with us. I tell the students there is no prior accommodation made for this student, so we can’t make an exception for them, either.)

Student: “But, like… our parents are worried about us walking by ourselves at night.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we aren’t able to just give you a free permit to park wherever you want.”

Student: “Okay…”

(Pretty sure they just wanted somewhere to leave their car when they went out partying!)

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