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That’s Not How You Open Doors For Yourself At Work

| Working | November 28, 2016

(We have a door at work that is kept locked by a magnetic lock, so it can’t be forced open. At the entrance is a sign advising people “ring the door-bell.” However most people new to the building seems to think the sign reads, “Pull as hard as you can”… to the point where they’ve actually warped the door a bit.)

Door: “Ring ring!”

New Person: *yanks door as hard as he can*

Me: “Hold on!”

New Person: *keeps yanking door repeatedly*

Me: “I’m coming!” *gets to door and opens it*

New Person: “I’m here to work on [item whatever].”

Me: “Okay, I’ll get the supervisor.”

New Person: “By the way that door’s a bit warped.”

Me: “…”

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