That’s Not How You Hook Employees  

, , , | Working | February 7, 2020

(My friend is unemployed and had seen an ad for an office administration course that offers a guaranteed job for selected students at the end of the course. She completes the six-week course, paying about $300 for it, and is surprised to find that she is one of the selected students even though she didn’t think she did really well. In all, about 10 of the 15 students are selected, all female. She wonders why none of the males were selected, even though most did much better than her. She calls me after she has attended the job orientation.)

Me: “So, how did it go today?”

Friend: “It didn’t; we all walked out on the orientation”

Me: “Was it that bad?”

Friend: “Worse than bad. The job was supposed to be for receptionists for a personal service company, which was actually a brothel. We were told that we would be working on commissions and that we could boost our wages by taking on extra tasks.”

Me: “Wow.”

Friend: “We all went back to our tutor to complain and were told that walking out meant that we reneged on the guaranteed job offer.”

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