That’s Not How Movie Theaters Work

, , , | Right | June 11, 2019

(It’s two days before Christmas and my uncle invites my brother and me to see a newly released movie with him, his wife, and their daughter. When we get to the theater, we realize he didn’t buy tickets ahead of time. As it’s so close to Christmas and the movie is new, they’re sold out.)

Employee: “I am sorry, sir, but the next four showings for [Movie] are sold out.”

Uncle: “WHAT?!”

Employee: “There is a showing available at 9:30 tonight; it currently has twelve seats open.”

Uncle: *yelling* “You didn’t save me a seat?!”

Employee: “Did you make a reservation?”

Uncle: “I shouldn’t have to! You should save me a seat!”

Employee: “The only way to make reservations is to go online or to come in ahead of time to do it in person.”

Uncle: “But you should have saved me a seat!”

Employee: “Um… but I don’t know you…”

(My brother and I were distancing ourselves as much as possible from the scenario and making excuses to leave. Yes, my uncle is always an a** like that. We ended up leaving and letting him and his wife and daughter try to figure out what they wanted to do.)

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