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That’s Not How Money Works

, , , | Right | December 29, 2020

I’m at the front counter, helping [Customer #1] while another waits behind him. The customer waiting, [Customer #2], is notorious in our shop. He often feigns being helpless in order to get our employees to help him on the self-service computer. My boss has told me not to help him. From my boss’s experience with this customer, the customer knows how to use a computer but just wants someone else to do all the work for him.

Customer #1: “Hey, can you give me four quarters so I can feed the meter again?”

Me: “Certainly.”

I take his dollar and hand him his change. While [Customer #1] goes out to his car, [Customer #2] comes to the counter.

Customer #2: “Can I get four quarters?”

Me: “Sure.”

I fish out four quarters from our cash drawer and wait for him to hand me a dollar bill.

Customer #2: “Well, can I have them?”

Me: “Sure. Just give me a dollar and I’ll give you your change.”

Customer #2: “You just gave that guy four quarters.”

I am growing frustrated because he’s obviously using his clueless shtick to try to scam us.

Me: “Yes, in exchange for a dollar.”

Customer #2: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

Realizing I’m not cowed by his sudden outburst, he lowers his voice.

Customer #2: “How come I have to give you a dollar?”

Me: “Because that’s the way change works. I’m not just gonna hand out money from the register.”

While I put the change back into the drawer, [Customer #2] rants about poor customer service and being treated like a scammer while he walks to the front door. By now, [Customer #1] has returned and witnessed the tantrum by [Customer #2].

Customer #1: “What was that about?”

Me: “He wanted me to just hand him a dollar in quarters without giving me anything in exchange.”

[Customer #1] burst out laughing. I joined in laughing as I noticed [Customer #2] glaring at us through the storefront window.