That’s Not How Capitalism Works!

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(My nephew gets toys, books, and a couple of cards with money for his fifth birthday. One branch of my nephew’s family arrives late to the party, so they haven’t seen him open his other presents. An absent aunt of their clan sent along a card with money. After he’s opened the second set of presents, only one grandma and I remain seated.)

Grandma: “[Nephew]! [Aunt]’s card is still on the table! There’s money inside.”

Nephew: “I know.”

Grandma: “Don’t you want to get it?”

(My nephew reluctantly picks up the bill and holds it awkwardly.)

Grandma: “That’s a $20 bill!”

Nephew: *disappointed* “I know.”

(Grandma looks at him, puzzled.)

Nephew: *apologetically, with a sigh* “I already got one of those.”

Me: “Yup, Granny gave you a card that had $20 inside. So now you have two of them!”

(My nephew slowly nods.)

Grandma: “Okay… just hand that money to your mom, all right?”

Nephew: *brightly* “Okay!”

(And that’s how we discovered that my nephew doesn’t understand money.)

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