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That’s My Scam Jam

| Working | November 9, 2016

(I am at home relaxing when the phone rings. The following ensues. Note that I use a Macintosh, so anyone saying they are from Microsoft is likely a scammer.)

Me: *picking up phone* “Hello?”

Caller: *says something about being from Microsoft and needing an access code, but the quality and background noise is horrible*

Me: “Yes, let me just boot it up.”

Caller: *says something about access code*

Me: “Okay, hold on. Let me boot it up.”

Caller: “Okay.”

(I go to my iPad, find a video of choice, put it on full blast, put it up next to the mic, and play.)


Me: “Please do not call us again.” *click*

(I had been waiting for this moment for a while.)

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