That’s Just How Some Customers Roll On Thanksgiving

, , , , | Right | November 22, 2018

(I am working the day before Thanksgiving with a coworker when a woman comes in to pick up her order of rolls. I bring her the box, opening it to ensure her order is correct.)

Customer: “Why are they not wrapped up? I bet they’re already stale!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that! Give me just a minute and I’ll get those wrapped up.”

(I go in the back to wrap them up and my coworker stays in the store. When I return, they’re mid-conversation.)

Customer: “She should have known better! It’s common sense! And she didn’t have to be so rude about it, either! Ridiculous!”

(My coworker is getting visibly irritated with this woman, so I wave him off.)

Me: “Here we go! Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Customer: “How hard is it to do your job? It’s not a hard job to do. Your job doesn’t even matter. Do you know what matters? MY JOB! MY TIME! I SAVE LIVES, AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GET AN ORDER RIGHT!”

(I handed her the order and walked away. The best part? I recently got glasses, and she doesn’t recognize me when she comes in anymore, so she now complains to me about the rude girl who tried to ruin her Thanksgiving.)

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