That’s Just How Karens Roll

, , , , | Right | August 21, 2019

(An elderly customer comes up with her middle-aged daughter.)

Customer: “I want to exchange these for the ones on sale.”

(The items in question are three packs of toilet paper, on sale for $5 per, but not the $4 per in the ad. I ask my manager to grab them what they want because a line is forming and they said they couldn’t find the ad toilet paper. My manager slaps the packs up on the counter and runs to help check people out.)

Customer: “Oh, I don’t know about this. It’s so soft. There isn’t much to it.”

Customer’s Daughter: “Just do a refund and we will talk it over.”

(I refund the original toilet paper. They talk about both to the side while I ring up other people. Thirty minutes later, they walk up with three new packs of the original items.)

Customer: “I just don’t think there is anything to that other stuff, so I’ll get this.”

Customer’s Daughter: “You’re killing me, Mom.”

Me: *mentally* “You worked in retail once.”

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