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That’s Just Cold

, , , , | Working | December 4, 2018

When I’m sat at my desk at work, I can see directly into our small kitchen area. There are about three different teams in our office, and we don’t really mix. My team is small, and on this day there is only one other person in, so I offer to make us both a cup of tea.

I make the teas, deliver them to our desks, then pop back into the kitchen to refill and boil the kettle, as is customary here if you empty it.

While I am filling it, I can hear my desk phone start ringing, so I quickly put the kettle back on its base and rush out to answer the phone. As I sit down, I realise I didn’t flick the kettle on, so I make a mental note to do that when I’ve finished my call.

As I think this, I see the department head — my boss’s boss — and his boss, who is visiting for the day, wander out to the kitchen. Our department head touches the kettle to see if it is hot — which it still is from my recent tea-making — and proceeds to pour water into both their cups.

The cold water, that I’ve just put into the kettle… Oops!

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