That’s It, I’m Out(lier)

| CT, USA | Learning | August 6, 2015

(My pre-calculus teacher is terrible at teaching. One friend of mine in particular is having a lot of trouble in the class due to her ineptitude. After every test, our teacher posts a line-graph of our grades. If there’s a low-end outlier, it is ALWAYS my friend’s grade.)

Me: “Hey [Friend #1]! There’s no outlier this time!”

Friend #1: “Really!? I’m not the outlier? And the lowest score is in the 70s! Yes!”

Friend #2: “Wait….”

(Friend #2 points to the very edge of the board – squeezed waaaaaay into the corner is a tiny asterisk indicating an outlier.)

Friend #1: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

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