That’s How The Christmas Cookie Crumbles

, , | Right | December 30, 2016

(We have many people working the registers this day as it is close to Christmas, I call out to the next customer at the same time that Coworker does. The customer looks between us before deciding to go to my coworker’s register.)

Me: *jokingly* “That’s okay; I’m not offended. I’ll just go cry in the corner.”

Customer: *at [Coworker]’s register* “Aw, do you need a cookie?”

Me: “Well, I never turn down a cookie!”

(The customer, Coworker, and I proceeded to have a funny conversation about never turning down a cookie unless you suspect it’s laced with poison. Some time later, the customer returned and handed me a box and said, “Don’t turn them down.” She had gone and bought a box of cookies from our cafe for all the cashiers to share. To that customer, thank you for being so kind and for making the holiday rush a little better for all of us!)

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