That’s His Question And He’s Sticky To It

| Working | December 29, 2015

(I used to work in a coffee shop with a sandwich deli. During a particularly sunny summer, the owner tells the manager and me to order some danishes and iced buns and put them in the window. They get hot, sticky and the smell attracts a few striped visitors. The manager is visiting when he sees one.)

Owner: “Why is there a wasp?”

Me: “It can smell the buns.”

Owner: “But why?”

Me: “Ummm…  because wasps like sugar?”

Owner: “But where did it come from?”

Manager: “Outside.”

Owner: “How did it get in?”

Manager: “Through the door.”

Owner: “Why would it fly through the door?”

Me: “Because it can smell the sugar on the buns in the window.”

Owner: *long pause* “But where did it come from?”

Manager & Me: “Outside!”

Owner: “How did it get in here, though?”

(This went on for at least four more repetitions. A month or so later he comes back.)

Owner: “So, do you guys have any problems with flies?”

Me: “No, but there are wasps.”

Owner: “What wasps? From where? How do they get in?”

(I had my tongue in my cheek but he was dead serious. The manager left the room, laughing.)

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