That’s Harassment In Anyone’s Book

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Some time ago this customer came into the campus bookstore where I work. He stared at me uncomfortably as I rang up his textbooks, but I thought nothing of it after. Then, he started showing up more and more to buy smaller things like pencils, etc., and he’d always go to my register despite there being empty lines at others.

One day he came in again and stared at me, as he always does. Twenty minutes after he left there was a phone call at the register. I answered and immediately recognized his voice. He asked me horrible sexual things. I hung up and told my manager. We figured he might call again and waited. I saw the same number come up and pointed it out to my manager. My manager answered the phone this time, threatening to call the police.

Campus police were called, and the responding officer had me fill out a report. By the end of it, the officer claimed there was no solution, because banning the guy from campus “wouldn’t be fair,” since he’s a paying student. I’m a student, too, and am forced to see this kid from time to time. My manager, however, made sure he’s at least not allowed in the store.

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