That’s Definitely NOT What They Mean By “Play Place”

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I worked at a fast food place in a smaller town as a team leader on the later shifts, getting off after 10:00 five nights a week. This particular restaurant was the highest-grossing one of this chain in the entire district, including the majority of Northern California. At night, it’s pretty slow and uneventful in the lobby, the main business coming through the drive-thru for dinner and late snacks.

One night, though, one particular “regular” came in. She was wearing relatively skimpy clothes that were torn all about, very revealing in general. She simply ordered a value item and a drink and proceeded to wait in the back. An older gentleman came in a little while later, ordered something similar, and sat near her. At first, it seemed innocent enough.

Though I had missed what led up to this, the woman started “performing” for the gentleman in the corner of the restaurant, including on the table, the bench of the booth, and even nearby chairs. It was, to put it very simply, something that one shouldn’t be doing in a public area in any capacity. When anyone came out, they would stop and try to hide it, but the cameras saw everything. My employees were at a loss, so I got an idea.

I checked the drive-thru to make sure it was empty and then checked the time: it was around time for me to take a meal break. I got some food together and clocked out for my meal. I could have gone into the break room, but instead, I sat opposite the restaurant from the “couple” in the corner and enjoyed my dinner. They were stiff and didn’t move much while I was out there. About ten minutes later, the woman got up, muttering something angrily, and stormed out, basically dragging the man with her. From that night on, I didn’t see this woman show up again, even though she was relatively a regular.

I found out later that she was banned from the restaurant by the manager for smoking in the doorway, and then blowing cigarette smoke in his face, as well as attempting to steal — and I wish I was making this up — the thermostat.

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