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That’s Because Employees Aren’t People

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I arrive at the mall early to avoid the big crowds. As a result, there’s only one other person in the store I’m in except for the workers.

This person is making very crude remarks to the female clerk, commenting on her body parts, saying how much fun she’d be in the bedroom, etc. There’s another worker there with a lanyard reading “MANAGER,” who is doing zilch to stop the harassment. I approach the clerk.

Me: “Miss, can you help me find—”

The harasser rudely interrupts me.

Harasser: “SHUT UP! I’m talking to her!”

I raise my voice to be heard over him.

Me: *Firmly* “Miss, I need help locating—”

The harasser turns toward me, his face like thunder.

Harasser: “I told you to zip it!”

He throws a punch, landing a solid blow to my chest. The manager suddenly comes to life, grabbing the harasser by the shirt collar and forcibly removing him from the store. 

Manager: “You are banned for life. We do not tolerate assaulting customers.”

But apparently, they tolerate any amount of crude sexual remarks about employees. I finally got the clerk to help me locate what I wanted. I hope she shortly thereafter found a better place to work at.

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