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That’s A Whooooge Butt

| Romantic | February 9, 2015

(I’m a ‘Doctor Who’ fan and have recently gotten my 10-year-old daughter into the show. I think my wife is starting to enjoy it too even though she won’t admit it. For Christmas she got me a pair of pajama pants with the Doctor Who logo and TARDIS all over them. While getting ready for bed:)

Wife: “You’ve got a TARDIS on you’re a**. You’ve got a TARDIS a**.”

Me: “Would that make it a TARDASS?”

Wife: “Do you know why you have a TARDIS a**?”

Me: “…”

Wife: “Because that a** is out of this world.”

Me: “Oh, I thought you were going to say ‘because it’s bigger on the inside.'”

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