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That’s A Whole Lot Of ‘Wrong’

| Learning | October 4, 2016

(My teacher is checking our quizzes and I got a perfect score. I check my quiz and count my score and count the problems. I see that my score is 11 and there were 12 problems. I approach my teacher.)

Me: “Miss, my score is 11 but there are 12 questions here, so can you fix it?”

Teacher: “Okay, one sec…”

(The teacher gives me one wrong on problem #12.)

Me: “Miss, why do I have one wrong if I got perfect?”

Teacher: “I probably checked it wrong.”

Me: “But I got correct on problem #12; I even checked with [Classmate].”

(The teacher calls my classmate and gives him a ‘wrong,’ too.)

Teacher: “There.”

(The bell rings and the teacher leaves.)

Classmate: “What the f*** dude?”

Me: *stands confused and speechless*

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