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That’s A Wheely Inconsiderate Thing To Do

, , , , | Right | June 25, 2018

In our local store, they have around six or seven wheelchair trolleys. These are trolleys that are designed exclusively for wheelchairs. They clip onto the front of wheelchairs. They are not for any other use — for example, invisible disabilities — as they need the counterweight of the wheelchair to be stable. They are small and nowhere near as good as normal trolleys, but for wheelchair users like me, they are the only way I can shop. There are also only a few of these, in contrast to several hundred standard trolleys in various sizes.

The last few times I went to the shop, I noticed they weren’t in their normal place, so I popped to customer service to ask if they had been moved. That is where I found out that some able-bodied customers have discovered that trolleys normally require £1 coins, but these particular trolleys do not. So, instead of bringing £1 coins with them or using the baskets, they have started using these trolleys. Finding this easy, it seems that they have told others about their “trick” to avoid having to bring coins, and within a week or so, it has gone from many being available, to waiting up to 20 minutes for someone to take them to their car and unpack. And, of course, they get dumped in the car park instead of being returned, and I cannot safely cross the car park to get them myself.

I took a look around and quickly confirmed it was true; people were using them without wheelchairs. When I asked one of them if I could use her trolley, she seemed offended by it and said I could have it after she was done. A worker had to retrieve it from the car park.

It has been an utterly frustrating experience, showing the ignorance of some towards those with disabilities. But, I will be contacting the stores to compliment the customer service staff who told me about the issue, and did everything in their power to find one for me, including sending the staff member to get them from the car park.

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