That’s A Tall Order  

, , , | Right | September 5, 2019

(I work in a coffee shop. We often get customers with no idea what to get. I am two weeks into this job and know a bit by now — enough to diagnose and solve problems and be a productive employee. I am taking over for an employee on their break when a customer walks in with a scowl.)

Customer: *looks over the menu above me, scowling* “Can I have a small coffee and a green tea, along with a double-smoked bacon gouda?”

Me: *smiles* “Would you like a tall [Our Generic Coffee Brand]?”

Customer: “[Coffee Brand]? No! I want a small coffee. You know what I mean!” *looks at me with an expectant gaze*

Me: *inputs what I think he meant* “So… you want a green iced tea, a tall [Coffee Brand], and a double-smoked bacon sandwich?”

Customer: *glares at me* “No! I want a green tea!”

Me: *tries not to glare, fake smiling at him* “What kind of tea?”

Customer: “Green tea!” *glares at me angrily*

Me: *sighs* “What kind?” *points to our brewed teas*

Customer: *glares and yells* “A green tea!”

Me: *looks at him with a calm smile, forcing the smile* “What kind?”

Customer: *glares at me and just gives up* “Take it all off — the food, too. I just want a small coffee.”

Me: *doesn’t ask questions, inputting in his order and getting the coffee* “Have a great day!”

(He won’t be coming back. He is just one example of a customer needing a boost of caffeine we see every day.)

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