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That’s A Resignation For The Books

| Working | October 29, 2014

(For eight years I have worked part-time at a bookstore, despite being injured on the job, because I love books so much. I’m not exactly a people person, though. Our latest store manager has had it in for me ever since she showed up, and I’ve been stressed out of my mind for over two years. I take advantage of the departure of the only remaining good manager to put in my two weeks’ notice.)

Store Manager: “Hey, [My Name], is this letter for real?”

Me: “Yes. My last shift will be [date].”

Store Manager: “And the bit here about ‘taking care of my physical and mental health’ – is that for real, or are you just being dramatic?”

Me: “You’ve just made my point for me.”

(I’m a little more broke but a lot more sane now!)

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