That’s A Latte Opinions!

, , , | Right | June 22, 2019

(I work in the drive-thru of a coffee and donut shop. I hear a ring through my headset.)

Me: “Hi. What can I get for you today?

Customer: “Can I get a latte with cream and sugar?”

Me: “Cream and sugar in a latte?

Customer: “Yeah?”

(I again confirmed she wants cream and sugar in a latte.)

Customer: *very nastily* “For God’s sake, yes!”

(We get this a lot: people ordering cream with lattes and macchiatos because they don’t know what they actually are. I usually correct them and they are super cool about it. But since this lady has an attitude, I decide not to tell her and make the latte with cream and sugar. Nonetheless, she comes back ten minutes later demanding she be refunded and get a new latte because hers tastes bad. I ask her what she ordered, playing stupid.)

Customer: “A medium latte with cream and sugar!”

(My manager overheard our conversation and informed the lady what a latte is. She looked dumbfounded and blamed me for not making her aware of what she was ordering. We didn’t refund her, and she wrote a bad review about us on Yelp in the end!)

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