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That’s A Bold Scam

, , , , | Legal | March 6, 2022

I store some things for a friend. About a year after he collects his stuff, I realise that he left behind a box. I let him know and he sends his little brother, who I’ve not seen since he was little.

Me: “Hey, did [Friend] send you?”

Brother: “Yeah. You have a box or something?”

Me: “Sure. Here you go.”

Brother: “Am I supposed to be paying you or something? I didn’t really get the message.”

Me: “No, no. Nothing to pay; it’s his stuff.”

Brother: “Oh, cool, thanks.”

He walks off with the box, down the street back to their house.

Some random sketchy guy is eyeing me up at the end of the drive.

Me: “Can I help you?”

Guy: “Yeah, [Friend] sent me for the free stuff.”

Me: “You’re [Friend]’s younger brother?”

Guy: “Yeah, yeah, he said pick up the stuff.”

This guy must be at least ten years older than [Friend], and he’s completely the wrong nationality.

Me: “Yeah, right.”

Guy: “Come on, I’ve driven from [Faraway City that my friend doesn’t live in].”

Me: “Oh, okay, sure. Let me just grab the box.”

I walked back to the garage, stood next to a random box, turned back to smile at the guy, and pulled down the garage door.

I went inside and called the police, but the guy ran off. The nerve of some people!

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