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That Would Explain Most UK Song Lyrics…

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(My cousin and her family live in England but are visiting us in the US for a vacation. One evening, her husband makes a solo trip to the grocery store for a few items.)

Employee: “Hello, can I help you find anything?”

Cousin’s Husband: “Actually, you could. Where could I find… [groceries]?”

(She points him towards what he needs and he goes about his shopping. He sees her again at the till when it’s time to check out.)

Employee: *scanning items* “I was just wondering, where is your accent from?”

Cousin’s Husband: “Oh, I’m from England.”

Employee: “Yes! See, my coworker and I were trying to guess what it was, and that’s what I thought.”

Cousin’s Husband: “Oh, what was her guess?”

Employee: *cheerfully* “She thought you were on drugs!”

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