That Will Put Hairs On Your Chest

| Romantic | February 12, 2015

(We are cuddling in bed. I am a woman, though we often joke he’s the woman in the relationship because he’s more particular about his grooming before going out places, whereas I just quickly brush my hair, tie it back, and am ready to go.)

Me: *rubbing my fiancé’s belly, and suddenly noticing something* “Did… did you shave your belly hair?!”

Fiancé: “Yup.”

Me: *looks at him more closely* “…and your chest hair?!”

Fiancé: “Yes. I shaved all my hair below my neck.”

Me: “Why?”

Fiancé: “I just felt like it.”

Me: “Fair enough, I suppose. Why didn’t you mention it before?”

Fiancé: “I wanted to see how long it’d take for you to notice.”

Me: “…did you just pull a woman on me?”

Fiancé: “I totally just pulled a woman on you.”

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