That Will NOT Be A Happy Meal

, , , | Right | November 5, 2018

(A person walks in, wanders past the box office and concession, and moves straight to the self-serve soda fountain. He pulls a cup from a very popular fast-food chain out of his backpack and fills it.)

Me: “Sir, you’re going to have to pay for that.”

Customer: “Why? I bought this here, and you’re supposed to get free refills!”

Me: “Sir, I really don’t think you bought that here.”

(He storms up to me and thrusts the cup in my face.)

Customer: “Here! You happy?! I bought this here!”

Me: “Yeah, sir… I’m sorry, but I don’t think our company logo is an M comprised of two golden arches.”

Customer: *defeated* “How much will it be?”

(He leaves. A coworker who witnessed the entire ordeal speaks up.)

Coworker: “Did he really just try to pass off a fast food cup as one of ours… to your face?”

Me: “Yes… Yes, he did.”

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