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That Went Smoothie

, , , | Working | October 29, 2018

(My family and I are going to get dessert after eating out. My brother and I get chocolate ice cream, my dad gets rum raisin, and my mom wants a slushie.)

Mom: “Excuse me, but do you have slushies?”

Employee: *suddenly looking worried* “No, we don’t, but, um… We have a [signature slushie-like drink].”

Mom: “Oh, then I will get a small strawberry-banana smoothie.”

Employee: *looking down-right terrified* “We ran out of banana; we only have strawberry and mango.”

Mom: *pleased* “Great, could you mix them together? A small, please.”

(The employee mumbles something while walking away and brings a large.)

Mom: *confused* “Excuse me, I asked for a small.”

Employee: *eyes wide* “It’s, um… I’m sorry, ma’am, it’s going to be only [price for a small].”

Dad: “Oh, it’s okay. Here you go.”

(My dad pays by credit card. We all say thank you and exit. We forgot to tip, so my dad goes back in, gives him five bucks, and comes back out. Note that my dad is a big guy.)

Dad: “He was as white as a sheet. Probably bad customers earlier.”

Me: *to my brother* “Guess what’s going on NAR?”

(If you’re reading this, ice cream man, thank you so much. Also, consider making strawberry-mango a flavor.)