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That Was Their Last Slip Up

, , , , , | Right | May 16, 2022

A customer orders during an unexpected blizzard. They are regulars that always try to underpay with change, so therefore never tip. They also don’t really have a driveway to speak of. I mean, if you want to count two slightly worn grass tire tracks as a ‘driveway’ then I guess they had one. They also lived up a steep hill.

Of course, this particular night, I get their order and go to take it out to them. I try to drive partially up the hill but it’s really slippery so that doesn’t work. I get their two pizzas and two-liter soda out of the car and start walking. I make it three steps past the front of my car when I lose my footing and fall. I manage somehow not to drop the pizza or soda, and try and stand up and hear howls of laughter!

The kids are laughing their heads off!

I can’t put any weight on my ankle, so I’m trying to get their attention, but they just keep laughing. Finally, a parent comes out, and asks:

Customer: “Do you plan on completing the delivery?”

Me: “I think I hurt my ankle.”

The parent starts laughing too! Eventually, they come down, don’t tip per usual, and leave me to drive a stick shift in a blizzard with what turned out to be a very badly sprained ankle. 

The joke ended up on them in the end, because we instituted a “must have accessible driveway” option and no more pizza for them.

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