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That Was Close… Too Close…

, , , , | Right | August 2, 2018

(In the mornings I go to a grocery store to get lunch for work. Sometimes people queuing have no idea how to queue, coming way closer than it is comfortable for the person using the pin machine at the register. This shop has enough space along the conveyor belt, but the actual register area is small. When people don’t wait at the conveyor belt, they are standing right next to the pin machine. This morning I have had enough. I am packing my stuff as quickly as possible, as there is very little space.)

Cashier: “It’ll be [amount].”

Me: “I’ll pay with a card, please.”

(Lifting my head I notice the next customer standing right in front of the card machine.)

Me: “…”

Guy: *looks at me, doesn’t move*

Me: “Sorry, did you want to pay for this?”

Guy: “Oh, no.” *still doesn’t move*

Me: *making shooing motion with hands* “Then give me some space, please.”

Guy: *takes one tiny step back, basically still looming over the pin machine*

Me: “Keep going…”

Guy: *reluctantly takes one more step back*

(After that I could pay. The register lady had an interesting smile on her face and gave me a look that said she’s seen people like the other customer a few times too many.)

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