That Was A Walk In The Parallel Park

| Friendly | October 28, 2015

(It’s just after 7:30 am. I’m going on a day-trip to Denmark with a few friends of mine, and we’re about to drive on board the ferry. Friend #1 is driving. We’re one of the last cars to board, and we have to park on the ramp, which will only be raised and leveled out after all the cars are on board. Not only do we have to park at an angle, we also have to parallel park. Friend #1 has only driven for about a year and a half at this point, and is, understandably, a little freaked out. Luckily, she has help from a helpful, and VERY enthusiastic, parking attendee. He never stops smiling.)

Attendee: “Okay, are you ready for some parallel parking?”

Friend #1: “No!”

Worker: “Sure you are! I’ll guide you, come on!”

(He proceeds to guide her through the entire process; how to turn the wheel, when to stop and drive forwards and backwards, and even gives her encouraging remarks alongside the rest of us.)

Me: “You’re doing great, [Friend #1]!”

Friend #2: “Yeah, you can do this!”

Attendee: “Almost there. Ready to move forward a bit?”

Friend #1: *horrified* “No!”

Worker: “Yes, you are!”

(Although it’s a tight fit, she parks the car perfectly. We thank the worker for his help.)

Friend #3: “We should have filmed this.”

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